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Dear guest, we are glad to welcome you at nzbID.net, a rapidly developing young project and a new and very progressive Usenet Search Engine!

How you can benefit from using our UseNet client? Just search free NZB files and effortlessly download them: you can perform the search in filename, author name, subject or author email. Enjoy easy-to-use navigation and simple interface. All messages that we index have UseNet binaries and allow searching NZB files without applying any specific efforts. Seize the opportunity and use RSS feed and Usenet Newsgroups browsing. You can also select retention rate of posts and regulate the scope of your search (establish minimal and maximal file size limits) as well as sort results by relevant/newest/oldest/smallest and largest files.

It is very important to mention that nzbID.net is a start-up project that is aimed at adding new features at a continuous basis and making every user enjoy Usenet searching experience and make use of all of the features of NZB client. In case you have noticed any bug or came across any problem while browsing our site, please contact our customer support and let it know about any inconveniences. In turn we will do our best to fix the bug or solve the problem in the shortest possible time period.

Our major mission is to improve your search by making it more effective and simple. Follow few tips below, open up new vistas and make your NZB downloading extremely convenient and easy. The first move you need to do is to browse nzbID.net and pass through free registration. Afterwards you can upload the NZB files content from your PC, enter URL of NZB files and copy content into the text area. The next steps include waiting while the system downloads UseNet binaries and prepares to form a files list for your convenient downloading. When all the steps are performed you can easily download web files with your internet browser. The process is extremely easy and comfortable, so seize the opportunity and give it a try!

Your feedback is very important to us. Avail the opportunity to contact our customer support 24/7 in case you’ve approached a problem or require some specific information related to our performance and services. Make use of effective and convenient Usenet Search Engine to the full extent!

nzbID offers you best Usenet Newsgroups search experience with following features:
  • Search in filename, subject, author, e-mail or everywhere
  • Choose Newsgroups to search
  • Select retention rate of posts
  • Browse Newsgroups
  • Limit min and max file size
Much more features soon.
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