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Download NZB with web browser

After you make a search on our site, you can make NZB file and download it or see its contents. But you will not get the binaries you were looking for. There are 2 ways to download binaries from NZB file:
  • Using Usenet clients for downloading files on your computer, they are usually paid or you have to donate to get full features of software.

  • Easy way – download NZB with web browser using nzblord.
While downloading NZB with nzblord's automated system, you have to follow these simple steps:
  1. Go to nzblord and register for free.

  2. Upload NZB file from your computer/Enter URL of NZB file/Copy contents of NZB file into text area.

  3. Wait for the system to download binaries and form a list of files for you to download.

  4. Download files with your web browser.

nzblord made downloading NZB really simple and convenient. Also all you need to have is web access and register at nzblord, no paid NNTP access and no paid Usenet clients software.